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Startups Use Cases

Made for non-tech businesses,IntBell grows with you,from inception to IPO.

A complete communication system for growing your startup.

Built for non-technical businesses,not tech-oriented companies,stop using separate apps now and get a full-featured platform that meets your needs.

  • Startups Phone Service

    Employees of the enterprise can invite new customers and return visits to old customers through the customer's local phone number. The call answer rate will be higher and the customer conversion rate will be higher.

  • Two-way SMS service

    Enterprise employees can get in touch with customers through the customer's local number,and achieve faster communication results in the way of two-way chat.

  • Desktop and Mobile Apps

    Enterprise employees or individual users can use the phone and SMS services through the desktop program of the computer or the application of the mobile phone APP.

  • Sales CRM

    The CRM software provided with the application,easy to manage your customers,supports personalized label settings.

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Event Marketing and User Retention

Through access methods such as SMS and phone calls,improve the efficiency of event marketing and user retention,and help overseas companies.

  • Campaigns reach in time

    You can easily subscribe to events,product promotions,and fission events through SMS to reach customers in a timely manner,improve the effect of events,and create more benefits for the company

  • Important link follow-up of order

    In the order link,send subscription care,use care and unsubscribe care messages to your customers,so that customers can have a perfect delivery experience and increase the order conversion rate

  • Birthday wishes,holiday greetings

    Send care and reminders to customers at festivals,member birthdays,etc.,and create an experience that customers value during the communication process

  • User Satisfaction Survey

    By sending product survey requests to customers,help you collect customer feedback,improve your business or products,serve customers better,and increase customer loyalty

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Do more for your business

The future of cooperation with IntBell.

Learn more about our favorite customer engagement tool.

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Business Phone

Collaboration tool for message,phone,mail,Livechat

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Enterprise Message

A2P-enabled marketing message,order notification,customer care

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Customer Service Tool

Easy to set up one-on-one private encrypted conversations through the link

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Customer Relations

Integrated CRM tool to easily manage your customers and rating tags

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Risk Rating

Lookup: Get to know the customer before starting any conversation

A robust,shareable phone system designed to grow with your team

Startups' Favorite Features

Business Phone

Get the leading enterprise VoIP platform,clear call quality and reliable global collaboration on any device.

VoIP Call Center

Easily expand your soft phone setup,deploy quickly,optimize call flow,and get more first contact solutions over the phone.

Marketing Tools

Integrate messages,calls,emails,and customer together for easy and efficient work to promote business growth.

Why Choose Us?
Enterprise business phone for the modern enterprise,a scalable business phone system,24/7 customer support.
  • Protect your private number from advertising calls

  • Customer service support,complete IVR button menu,shared answering responsibilities

  • Lightweight CRM to support and triage your customers

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