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Find contact information and background checks

Your message matters to your customers. Lookup serves up carrier and phone number information so you can pick the right medium for your message and ensure it’s delivered.

Find information instantly without the hassle of working

Give your team super powers

Know,understand and remember every customer

Build better relationships with every customer. You will magically know everything about them and their past interactions with you.

  • Number Type
  • Carrier and Network
  • name,age,gender
  • Label where the number is marked
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Validate Customer Phone Numbers in Real Time

Determine whether a phone number is valid before including the consumer in your contact list to ensure clean data and reduce errors.

  • Minimize Delivery Error
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Match IP Address and Phone Location
  • Get risk level
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Our Features
With features like Missed call message,Voicemail to Email,Text Messaging,Unlimited Free Calling and our mobile apps,you can become a free range human without ever missing a thing.
Missed Call Notification

Don't miss every phone response.

Global phone number

Exclusive identification number.


Who the phone number belongs to.

Online Status

State setting work and rest.


Customer relationship management.


Missed calls turn to voice message.

Call Forwarding

Easily manage multiple phone calls.


Rich picture messages.


Call recording of important calls.

Text Message

Send text messages or emoji


Easy to solve office problems

Smart Promotion

Create tasks and send messages


People you don't want to contact

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure account


Two-way phone can call in and out


Mark customer numbers and synchronize all clients with one click

Batch Messages

Supports 200 message group sending at a time

Event Status Page

Easy access to local operator maintenance news

Use case for lookup information

Communication system with advanced features to improve your workflow,know customer details before communicating with any customer.

Customer Appointment

Mainly used for hotel reservations,medical services,registration appointments,product experience orders and other application scenarios.

Customer Visit

Look up the number information and get to know your customer as much as possible to facilitate cooperation before visiting the customer.

Customer Evaluation

Mainly used for account registration,account verification,financial services,cross-border e-commerce,international trade and other scenarios.

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Instant Lookup Support Country

Supports customer number information query and risk assessment in more than 230 countries around the world


Service Enterprise


Number of queries per day


Data Authenticity

Frequently Asked Questions

Select the most frequently asked questions from the hot questions

Click the registration button in the upper right corner, or select the account plan on the current page to register an IntBell account.

We have canceled the unified settlement time, that is, the settlement time will be on the same day of the next month.

No, the rate for calling the same number is the same no matter which country you are in.

Our application supports Android, Apple, IP landline, computer browser and other devices.

We mainly have phone numbers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore.

We currently support Paypal, credit card, Alipay, WeChat, cryptocurrency and other payment methods, and will connect to more payment channels in the future.