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Ecommerce Industry Use Case

Designed for non-technical businesses,IntBell grows with you from incorporation to IPO.

Smart access to CRM system,easy communication with customers

Built for non-technical businesses,not tech-oriented companies,stop using separate apps now and get a full-featured platform that meets your needs.

  • Customer Marketing

    At the right time,accurately send targeted and personalized marketing information such as store promotions,special product reminders,and holiday discounts to users,and send order notifications to customers in a timely manner ,to create more revenue for the enterprise

  • Order full link tracking

    Send payment care,logistics care,refund care and other messages to your customers at the key points of the order,so that customers can have a perfect delivery experience and increase the order conversion rate

  • Cart Reminder

    When customers add products to the shopping cart,forget to pay or hesitate,send them personalized message reminders to help your future customers reconsider their actions and avoid customers drain

  • Recall old customers

    Send caring messages and preferential messages to old customers on festivals,member birthdays and other nodes to increase user participation

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Quick docking for private domain malls,assisting e-commerce trade wars

Through access methods such as text messages and phone calls,assist private domain traffic pools and help overseas companies.

  • Security verification,improve registration conversion rate

    Provide your product website with a global and stable SMS channel to quickly verify the authenticity of customers and improve account security

  • Independent fission publicity,enhance brand image

    Adopt multi-channel promotion methods to match different user groups and different content scenarios,embed sharing links in SMS content,and encourage users to share click rebates for fission marketing

  • Create a private domain traffic pool to accumulate customer resources

    The platform supports large capacity and high concurrency,helping you efficiently invite customers to your private domain traffic pool platform through sincere SMS

  • Refined customers,personalized communication

    High-value customers can use artificial customers to send text messages or call notifications,mark unconnected users,and send targeted communication text messages

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Do more for your business

The future of cooperation with IntBell.

Learn more about our favorite customer engagement tool.

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Business Phone

Collaboration tool for message,phone,mail,Livechat

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Enterprise Message

A2P-enabled marketing message,order notification,customer care

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Customer Service Tool

Easy to set up one-on-one private encrypted conversations through the link

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Customer Relations

Integrated CRM tool to easily manage your customers and rating tags

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Risk Rating

Lookup: Get to know the customer before starting any conversation

A robust,shareable phone system designed to grow with your team

Features most liked by cross-border ecommerce companies

Business Phone

Get the leading enterprise VoIP platform,clear call quality and reliable global collaboration on any device.

VoIP Call Center

Easily expand your soft phone setup,deploy quickly,optimize call flow,and get more first-contact solutions over the phone.

Marketing Tools

Integrate messages,calls,emails,and customer together for easy and efficient work to promote business growth.

Why choose us?
Enterprise business phone for the modern business,a scalable business phone system,24/7 customer support.
  • Protect your private number from advertising calls

  • Customer service support,complete IVR button menu,shared answering responsibilities

  • Lightweight CRM to support and categorize your customers

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